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Fleet History


Every truck has a history, but in the Rod Pilon fleet, the history of the trucks can be not only interesting, but show both the scope of the companies operating abilities and the passion for good, reliable and well maintained trucks to see the freight gets delivered. Rod Pilon Transports motto is “We’ll get it there” and these trucks do it every day across most of Australia. Each truck has a name and here we hope to give you a few details about each truck on the road and its’ history.

Rod does not just buy new trucks and then dispose of them when some might say they are worn out, nor does he just buy used trucks so that someone else has sorted out all the bugs. He buys trucks as the fleet needs them and to suit the freight task to be handled and he also buys damaged vehicles that he sees can be repaired to a safe and reliable working vehicle with an extended life.

All of the maintenance, including complete vehicle rebuilds, engine and driveline components and bodywork and painting, along with normal servicing and repairs are done in house on site at the Dubbo depot. This not only supports local employment, keeping highly skilled staff in full time work, but also allows for full control of maintenance costs and flexibility in scheduling regular maintenance and servicing.

Rod Pilon would like thank all employees, those building and working on the fleet, the drivers in the trucks and to the depot and office staff for their contributions and commitment to the business, because without them and their efforts it would not continue to grow.

Rod Pilon Transport Truck Number 1

Truck Number 1, “Beast of Burden” can truly be called the lynchpin of the fleet. It was purchased new in 1985 and now on its third Caterpillar engine, is still pulling its weight and working mainly on road train operations and at the ripe old age of 22, is still doing up to 180,000 kilometers per year.

Rod was told when he bought this truck, “It will break you”, but it has not only justified Rod’s original purchase of the more expensive Kenworth product, it’s long and continuing reliable operation has seen the fleet standardise on the Kenworth product, whether new, used or rebuilt.

The top photo presents No 1 it in its current role as a triple road train prime mover and the first photo below shows it in a previous role pulling a dolly and float on heavy haulage work. The second photo below, shows No 1 being used in triple road train trials near Bogan Gate in western NSW and you can see the extra wheels and frame fitted to the rearmost trailer looking at roll and sway. This trial was done for the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW and provided valuable data for triple road train behavior stability and capability. The triple road train is a very efficient freight moving combination, but of course they can only be used in certain areas.

Not a “beast” as such, but surely a true “Beast of Burden” and a truck that has not only pulled its weight for the company, both figuratively and literally over many years, but which has proved to be one of those rare vehicles that you can genuinely build a fleet on.